Automatic labeling machines

Our automatic labeling machines are the fruit of the combined efforts of a team of experts in automation and electronics. They are simple to use, very solid and extremely reliable. We offer 3 different types of technology: programmable, micro-switch (contact with the produce), or our high-speed bellows system – all you need to do is match the technology with your application needs.


All of our equipment features self-rewinding of the backing, so you don’t have to run a noisy vacuum or trip over backing paper on the ground.

Automatic BCS labeling machines BCS

This technology works with a micro-switch: as soon as the sensor arm touches a fruit, a label is applied.

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Automatic BCA labeling machines

This PLC driven technology is activated by an electric pulse delivered by a computer system – either by tying it into grading/sizing/singulator equipment, or it can be preprogrammed to label in a certain configuration.

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Automatic LMB labeling machines

Our newest, fastest technology – apply up to 14 labels per second.